Millaphon Records
Corporate Design

Daniel followed his idea of a tape-driven perpetual motion machine when he designed this post card.


Left side: the website is teasing a new movie by Marcus H. Rosenm├╝ller. On the right: the 3 initiators of Millaphon Records Gerd Baumann, Mehmet Scholl and Till Hofmann.

The logo was inspired by a crashed cassette tape.

We built a 3D version of the logo and combined it with objects found in the studio. We should definitely clean up sometimes!

After his soccer career Mehmet Scholl became known as an active supporter for indie music. In collaboration with Gerd Baumann, who is my favorite film composer for German movies, and Till Hofmann, who also runs the booking agency Eulenspiegel, they founded Millaphon Records in 2011. Daniel Kluge and me were assigned to design the Corporate Identity, a few print applications and the website for the label.